Flower - Smart Motion Sensor with built charge battery

It guards your home when you are away. The Flower Smart PIR Sensor is an intelligent motion sensor that can monitor movement in a 120-degree angle. The Flower motion sensor can trigger the Flower Siren Alarm with a 110dB sound when motion is detected and send a notification to your mobile phone. You can also use it to control smart lights or other smart devices in your home.

Flower Smart PIR Sensor it's not standalone functional unit without Flower Hubs how (Siren Alarm Hub, Security Mood Lamp Hub and ESP-NOW Mesh Bridge Hub).


Features - 120° Motion detection monitor, automation

Model: Flower MS-01

45 € 37,50 € excl. VAT
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Code Code: 89
Brand name: Flower
Category: Smart Home
Warranty: 2 years
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