Flower - Smart Button with multifunction click

Flower Smart Button is a smart button for controlling smart devices. If you use a smart home in connection with Flower Hub system, you will certainly find a complementary smart button useful. You can easily connect it to the mobile application Apple Home.

Flower Smart Button it's not standalone functional unit without Flower Hubs how (Siren Alarm Hub, Security Mood Lamp Hub and ESP-NOW Mesh Bridge Hub).


Features - One click, double click and long press

Model: Flower MB-01

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• Protocol: Apple Home

• Connection: ESP-NOW (Low-Power)

• Power supply: Built charge battery

• Charge: USB Type-C, DC5V 1000mA

The duration of one charge is about 12 months, depending on the activity of use. Before the built-in battery is discharged, the system informs you with a notification.


Additional information


The body is made with a high quality 3D printer. Body is from PLA material (Polylactide), which is made from natural ingredients (from corn or potato starch or from sugar cane), is fully biodegradable and meets the strictest standards of the European Union.

• Colour: Galaxy black

• Dimensions: w 66 x h 62.5 x l 18.4mm

• Mount: Magnetic (Magnetic holder is part of the package)

Code Code: 77
Brand name: Flower
Category: Smart Home
Warranty: 2 years
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